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Zeta Resource Editor Excel Export fix

19 Jun

June 25 Edit: My fix below has now been forked at GitHub – Zeta Resource Editor. You can simply download the latest stable release from there.


Download as .key, then rename to .zip

As many have discovered, the ZRE (version will not export to Excel due to a bug with Long to Int conversion. The developer doesn’t seem to be supporting it any longer, so I grabbed the source and fixed a simple typing issue then recompiled just the ZetaResourceEditor.RuntimeBusinessLogic.dll

  1. Simply download the ZRERuntimeBusinessLogic.key from this post and rename the extension to .zip
  2. Close ZRE if open
  3. Unzip ZRERuntimeBusinessLogic.zip into your ZRE installation location and replace the old one. (most commonly located in Program Files (x86)\Zeta Resource Editor)
  4. Open ZRE
  5. Refresh File List and wait for it to complete where all files are lit up. (This is so the File Group IDs will be generated correctly, just in case)
  6. Save the Project
  7. Viola! You are ready to export!

Please note that this MAY cause problems with importing older exports, in that the Filegroup IDs may not be the same.  This is unlikely though since you haven’t been able to export with the current version anyway.

Happy Translating!

Download as .key, then rename to .zip