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Uninstalling Hyper-V Integration Services from converted Guest

26 Feb

Wanted to quickly migrate a couple of develpment Hyper-V VMs to Virtualbox.  The actual migration was rather simple.  I may blog on it’s simplicity in the future, but you can find lots on the net if needed.

After converting and firing up my vms in Virtualbox on a freshly configured host machine, I realized I had forgotten the important step of uninstalling the Hyper-V Integration Services before converting.  If you have found this blog, then you’re already aware that you cannot just uninstall this package in anything other than a guest hosted by Hyper-V.  Since I had reinstalled and configured a new machine without Hyper-V to use Virtualbox, I was in a pickle as I couldn’t readily load my vhd’s back into a Hyper-V host.

Now there are other suggestions on the web about messing with the hal.dll or some ideas with extracting the Integration Service installation package and working that direction.  But this approach seems to be the easiest and most straight forward.

My setup is Virtualbox on Windows 7 Ultimate with Server 2008 (not R2) guests.  But it will also work with other Windows hosts and guests but with minor navigational differences.

Steps to Uninstall Hyper-V Integration Services from converted Guest OS not hosted by Hyper-V:

These steps are to be performed within each Guest OS.
Do not perform these on the HOST.

  1. Use the following instructions to open the Device manager WITH the option of viewing non-connected devices
    – Open cmd prompt as administrator and run the following

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    Start devmgmt.msc

  2. Device Manager: Click View menu -> Show hidden devices
  3. Start expanding ALL nodes and uninstall any devices that are greyed out (faded icons).  You will notice most are named msft virtual or similar.
    Tip:  The delete button will also uninstall.  So you can simply click and delete, click – delete and so on.
  4. Goto Control Panel – > Programs and Features – > View installed updates (left menu)
  5. Uninstall Hyper-V Guest Integration Services (KB956777).  Restart guest when prompted.  If not prompted, restart afterwards anyway.
  6. After restarting the Guest OS, reinstall the appropriate Integration services from your Virtual host platform for safe measure.  For Example, in Virtualbox Click Devices menu -> Install Guest Additions and proceed with reinstalling.  Then reboot the Guest OS again.

Note: When uninstalling the devices in DM, you will notice the Hyper-V service items under System Devices.  Once you have completely uninstalled ALL “disconnected” items in ALL nodes and performed steps 4-5, then the Hyper-V services in your Services Mgmnt console will be gone.

After rebooting, you should now have a clean VM with no Hyper-V stuff running in services.  If you repeat Step 1 now, you should also find that your system is clear of any Hyper-V device drivers.

Happy Virtualizing!